Phoenixville ACEs Committee

A local group of service providers, educators, first responders, medical professionals, funders have created a coalition dedicated to preventing and healing Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACEs.

Founded in 2016, the Phoenixville ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Committee was created with the guidance of the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation. The Committee consists of 38 members of the greater Phoenixville area. Their mission is to create a trauma-informed community through public awareness and education while also promoting healing, building resilience, and mobilizing connections to prevent and reduce the impact of ACEs. 

Current members include:
Louis J. Beccaria, Ph.D.
President/CEO Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Danielle Blanchard
Orion Communities

Marcia Bramucci
People's Light and Theatre Company 

Chelsea Melrath
Home of the Sparrow
Chester County ACEs Coalition

Keya Champagne-Lee
Phoenixville Area School District

Jennifer Cooper

Lynn Detwiler
Barnstone Art for Kids

Lisa Faranda

Lynn Pike Hartman
Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Judith Haupt
Life After Trauma Organization

Bill Kaiser
Compeer of Chester County

Gretchen Key

David McKeighan
Chester County Medical Society

Milena Lanz
Maternal and Child Health Consortium

Erica Klinedinst
Phoenixville Jaycees

Elissa Llorenz
Cornerstone Clubhouse
Holcomb Behavioral Health

Carolyn McKenna
Home of the Sparrow

Frank Mielke
Audubon Management Consultants

Teresa Olsen
Academy of Pediatrics

Carolynn Park
Phoenixville Community Health Foundation

Kelly Raggazino
Open Hearth, Inc.

Melissa Threadgill
Phoenixville Area Community Services

Dolores Winston
Community Program Superintendent, Borough of Phoenixville

Janet Zeis
Chester County Volunteer Management Coordinator

Kayla Richards
Phoenixville Area School District

Rebecca Tavanger

Olivia Dimmig
Chester County Health Department
Nurse-Family Partnership

Nina Guzman
Alianzas de Phoenixville

If you live in the Phoenixville area and would like to learn more or get involved please fill out their contact form here!

To learn more, please read The Help Book 5th Edition, a health and human services resource guide brought to you by the Phoenixville Community Health Foundation.