First Advisory Council Meeting

The newly formed Chester County ACEs Coalition Advisory Council held its first meeting on January 26, 2017 at The Barn at Dutton Mill in Newtown Square.  Chelsea Buckley of Home of the Sparrow welcomed the sixteen attendees and started the member introductions.

Alyson Ferguson, of the Scattergood Foundation, began the meeting by speaking to the council about how the Philadelphia ACE Task Force and the Pottstown Trauma-Informed Community Connection groups were started, their history, and how each are structured.  With that background in mind, attendees broke into discussion groups to answer three key questions:
  • What does success look like in ten years?  
  • What are they key priorities for the Chester County ACEs Coalition? and 
  • What is the role of the Coalition in Chester County?  
As a whole, the Council discussed universal integration, trauma-informed practices leading to better health outcomes and a reduction in spending, a focus on resilient communities, prevention and education, and other key components that would create a trauma-informed and sensitive Chester County community.  This exploration into what members could envision for the future set the agenda for the next meeting to develop a shared vision.

The council agreed that the larger group should meet quarterly and smaller working groups would meet more frequently.

L-R: Abner Santiago, Wendy Myers (HOS), Matrie Johnson (HOS),
Carolyn McKenna (HOS), Kaitlyn Genthert, Lou Beccaria, Jennifer Brion,
Chelsea Buckley (HOS), Kelly Raggazino, Lynn Detwiler, Alyson Ferguson,
and Cheryl Miles.  Not pictured: Dr. Nadine Bean, David McKeighon,
Matt Hinton, and Dana Heiman.  Not in attendance: Chris Sappey,
Jeanne Casner, Dwayne Walton, Dr. David Bell, and Tamara Acuna.
The Chester County ACEs Advisory Council is:

Tamara Acuna
Dr. Nadine Bean
Lou Beccaria
Dr. David Bell
Jennifer Brion
Chelsea Buckley
Jeanne Casner
Lynn Detwiler
Alyson Ferguson
Kaitlyn Genthert
Matt Hinton
David McKeighon
Cheryl Miles
Kelly Raggazino,
Abner Santiago
Chris Sappey
Dwayne Walton